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with Alex Friedrich

Thursday, August 31, 2006

All in a day's work: Michael Saldana eats near the scene of his derring-do.

Day 8: Witness to mayhem and sausage

Tonight I dine with a man of action: River Raft Ride accident witness and rescuer Michael Saldana.

Saldana, a 48-year-old union iron worker and real-estate agent, was watching the ride from the pavement late this afternoon when he saw a boat capsize right in front of him. He jumped into the water and helped the injured riders to safety. He lost his cell phone in the process, and still bears a scraped shin and bruised knees. Much media coverage followed.

To recharge, he eats a wild-rice and jalapeno cheese sausage on a stick from Sausage by Cynthia. I choose the spicy Cajun Andouille. Mine is not as juicy as I'd like, but I like the spice. I dig the Gulden's for the sheer ballpark ambience it provides.

Saldana pronounces his "not bad" and "different," and is proof that men of action are spare in word.


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