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with Alex Friedrich

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Color-coding: The brown is batter. The gray is sausage. The white is egg. The hard-to-see yellow dot is the egg yolk. The dude in red is Brent Roos.

Day 6: Brunch

I've overheard a lot of hurtful things uttered about the Scotch egg at this Fair:
Gross. Heavy. Scottish.
But I am here to defend it.
For the Scotch egg is a thing of beauty.

It's a hearty three-course breakfast.
You have your egg -- hard-boiled.
You have your sausage -- wrapped around that egg.
And you have your toast -- breadcrumbs that baby is rolled in before being deep-fried.

It's about texture. The rubberiness of the egg complements the chewy spiced meat and the firmness of the breadcrumb shell.

Brent Roos of Blaine knows what I'm talking about. The 37-year-old U of M facilities manager calls the egg-on-a-kilt "the perfect combination."

He discovered God's Own Egg while working at the U's St. Paul campus several years ago. Fell in love with it. Came over for lunch five times during his first Fair.

To hosses like me and Brent, it's also about the sauce. He takes ranch. I take the mild horseradish.

His wife, Jo, complains he hasn't offered her a bite.

"I don't like to share," he said.

Spoken like a Scottsman.


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