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with Alex Friedrich

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Day 3: Dinner

Tonight, dinner will be ice cream. (Mom, please hush.)
I go over to Political Pops, the ice cream stand next to the DFL tent.

When you order, tell the folks there your affiliation. Your cone will come in a bag marked by a donkey, elephant or loon. (Mine is unmarked, but full disclosure: About half the money goes to the East Side DFL. Hey, I'm just doing my job.)

So far, 70 percent of the ice cream has been sold to DFL supporters, 20 percent to Republicans, and 10 percent to those of the independent persuasion. (The fact that it's next to the DFL tent makes the numbers no surprise.)

"I'm not sure what I should do," says 49-year-old Democrat Suzanne McDonald. "Should I buy a Democratic one to show support? Or buy a Republican one and eat it to sink my teeth into their party?"

Lawdy, has our political polarization ever been this carnal?


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