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with Alex Friedrich

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Day 7: Lunch

I'm still a little full after that deep-fried candy bar -- and, I must admit, the fruit and chocolate from last night.

Had it as a late snack at Giggles. Good deal. Two long fruit skewers and brownies covered in whipped cream, with chocolate sauce on the side. Good fruit. Good brownies. Good dessert -- but heavier than expected.

I have a beef kabob at a little place on Underwood. Great stuff -- juicy pieces of meat on a skewer but with a tortilla wrapped around it to catch the drippings. Very good idea.

I pass "Rocket" Rod Raymond at the U of M's demonstration stage. He's the U's fitness guru in Duluth: endurance athlete, personal trainer, university lecturer.

I buy his book, "QuickFit: Your Guide to Optimal Fitness Two Weeks at a Time."

Lord knows I'll need it.


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