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with Alex Friedrich

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dinner Day 1

Reality is setting in. Now I realize what I've gotten myself into.

After a day of starch and meat, I'm craving fruit. Anything vaguely natural.

I head over to Andre's Watermelon about 9 p.m. for a light appetizer, the fruit-and-cheese kabob.

What I get are two small sticks with eight tiny slivers of fruit and five large cubes of cheese. Or processed cheese food. Not sure which.

This ain't what I had in mind.

Now I'm at the Food Building on Underwood -- Stick Central, as it were. I know I'll be spending a lot of time here.

I go to the Lee Ann Chin booth for lemon chicken and shrimp toast.

Finally, finally something light to finish off the late evening.

Wrong. So, so wrong.

What I get is a thin piece of chicken the size of my hand, deep-fried till the coating has a hard, shiny, oily sheen.

The shrimp toasts -- two per order -- are each the size of a deck of cards. Suspended somewhere in the spongy batter are a few shrimp. The four sauces are basically different versions of sweet-and-sour sauce.

I almost forgot dessert. Lord.

I bypass the Key Lime Pie, Fudge Puppies and chocolate-dipped nut roll -- Tonight? You gotta be kidding -- and go straight to the closest thing to real fruit: caramel apples.

First days tally: 10 sticks. A lot of trees are gonna die before this thing is done.

I've gotta walk this off tonight.


Anonymous Jenny Kerwin said...

Have you found beer on a stick?

7:31 AM  
Blogger Pioneer Press said...

Now THAT would be the ultimate food.

I'm afraid I'll have to settle for espresso on a stick.

We'll just have to wait for science to catch up.

9:42 PM  

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