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with Alex Friedrich

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Lunch, Day 1

Wants some meat with that salt?: Robert Rabasco of South Minneapolis and his wife, Marilyn

Lunch, Day 1

I'm dragging.
Must be the weather, or the comedown after all that breakfast of starch, fat and caffeine.
I grab a Peterson's pork chop on a stick. So simple - charbroiled meat that's spicy and salty and juicy with bits of crispy fat.
Now this is real man-fuel.
I'm in heaven...
Wait a minute. Why is that guy shaking more salty seasoning on his chop? Lord knows it's already got enough.
There goes another.
And here's another guy doing the same thing.
Peterson's chop server Marisa Paulson doesn't quite get it either, but says it's common.
These people are insane.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've never had a pork chop on a stick, but I will now after your description. It was pure poetry.

9:24 PM  

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