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with Alex Friedrich

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Mama mia: Hot Dago on a stick

Day 4: Lunch

Cherie Haydock is bringing me down.

The licensed dietitian over at the HealthEast tents is looking over the list of 48 foods you can get on a stick at the Fair.

"No," she says, looking at beer battered brats.
"Nope, not that," she says at the deep-fried candy bars.
"That's a no," she says to the fried cheese on a stick.

No-No-Nope-No-No. About the only words in that woman's vocabulary.

She even criticizes the pickle -- the lowly pickle -- for having too much salt.

Just to spite her, I go across the street and snag a Hot Dago -- Italian sausage and pieces of bread stick covered with melted mozarella with red sauce and pepperoncinis.

Take THAT, Cherie.


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