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with Alex Friedrich

Monday, August 28, 2006

No 10-second rule here: No, I'm not picking up the meatball that fell off my
stick. And no, I'm not using the fork.

Carbs be gone: Ellen Hanten does eat her own turkey tenderloin on occasion.

Day 5: Lunch

The Bacon-Wrapped Turkey Tenderloin says it all.
Another meaty, greaseless gem in a sea of battered foods.

Ellen Hanten of Hudson, owner of The World's Fare International Grill and Beer Garden, introduced this puppy four years ago during the South Beach Diet craze when certain carbs were a no-no. (How trendy is that?)

I follow that with meatballs on a stick, a five-ball concoction of seasoned pork, beef and BBQ sauce.

As I sit down after my meal to write, a father walks by with his little son.

"Get your finger out of your nose," he tells his kid.

The child is indignant.

"I'M NOT PICKING MY NOSE!" he yells as he jumps up and down.



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