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with Alex Friedrich

Sunday, August 27, 2006

State Fair Lite: Walleye on a stick

Day 4: Dinner

Scarf time.

Having a Chicken Spiedie from Spaghetti Eddie's. Seems to be in a lemony olive-oil marinade. At $5, it's a bit light on the chicken, but it's tasty.

(Come to think of it, with so many chickens on sticks at the Fair, it may be worth it to compare them all later in one sitting.)

For a starch -- Do I even need one these days? -- I choose Spudsters. Probably the blandest food I've encountered so far. It's as if someone had made instant mashed potatoes, made little balls out of the stuff, and then deep-fried them. They come with a ranch sauce and a cheese sauce. Forgettable TV-dinner stuff.

I try fried jalapeno cheese on a stick. It's in corndog form: thick batter with gooey cheese where the hot dog would be. It's mildly spicy -- Does the pepper count as a veggie? -- and lighter than I'd expect.

Walleye was also spendy, but what I got was good. It was a rectangular piece that appeared lightly pan-fried and seasoned. Good, but I need one more thing to fill up.

I'll make it sausage on a stick -- the "Original Peters Porkette." It's a hot-dog-size polish sausage, so it's flavorful. But they serve it with mustard or three sauces: BBQ, honey-mustard and maple syrup.

Maple syrup? That's disgusting. This isn't a Jimmy Dean breakfast link here. This is the real thing. A good sausage stays in the buff, I say.

I ask the guy behind the counter: How many people ask for those goopy sauces?

"It's about a horse apiece."

Excuse me?

"About 50-50."


Anonymous Sam said...

You, sir, are a braver man than I. Just watch out for loose teeth, jaundiced skin and bleeding gums. :)

8:17 AM  
Blogger Pioneer Press said...

Thanks for your concern, Sam.
I'm brushing regularly, but haven't yet found the time to exercise.
I'm naturally fair-skinned, so any jaundice would be immediately noticeable.
I'll keep checking the mirror.

8:40 AM  

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