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with Alex Friedrich

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Turkey, soy or ostrich? St. John's professor Lynn Ziegler of Cold Spring decides.

Wrassle that gator: Bayou Bob after bagging an alligator
Day 3: Wild Kingdom Lunch

I'm going lean and mean into the jungle of stick food -- alligator sausage and teriyaki ostrich.

The alligator link is the work of Bayou Bob. (OK, awright, he's actually 48-year-old Dallas Simonette of Las Vegas.)

Unadventurous stomachs, never fear: The sausage is actually half pork. That's because alligator is too lean to stick together in a link, Simonette says. His concoction tastes like a nicely spiced Portuguese or Italian sausage, but it's not fatty. (Man, I'm on a non-grease roll here.)

I'd say it tasted like chicken, but Simonette says chicken tastes like alligator.

"The alligator was around a million years before the chicken," he proclaims. "So we've got bragging rights."

Bayou Bob is a big dude. I'm not about to question him.

The ostrich at the stand next door is also ultra-lean and mild, and tastes sort of like a processed turkey steak. Or a soy burger.

(Wasn't there an ostrich-meat fad at some point?)

St. John's University professor Lynn Ziegler thought it wasn't bad, though he'd like more teriyaki.

"Anyway, I've added it to my list of things I've eaten on a stick," he said.

Watch it, professor. I don't take kindly to competition.


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