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with Alex Friedrich

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Who ya gonna call?: Greasebusters

Breakfast at 32,000 feet: Air Force gents Tim Cleaver (left) and Scott VanOort go where no weak stomachs have gone before. They also brush off my cheap shot.

Day 7: Air Force Won

This blog supports our troops.

That's why I have invited two of this nation's airmen to dine with me on and deep-fried candy bars and coffee for breakfast.

(Only the best for our country's defenders.)

Stepping forward are 22-year-olds Scott VanOort of Rochester and Tim Cleaver of Menomonie, Wis. They're helping run the computer lab -- and really cool flight simulators -- in the 4-H building. VanOort is an Air Force officer candidate and self-described "pilot wannabe." Cleaver is an Air Force ROTC cadet studying aerospace engineering at the U of M.

VanOort grabs a Milky Way, Cleaver a Snickers, and I take a 3 Musketeers.

The airmen describe the bars better than I ever could.

VanOort: "It's like having a candy bar in your pocket all day."
Cleaver: "It's like an inside-out donut."

I challenge the flyboys to another. They decline. I take a cheap shot:

"Umm, not to question your manhood or anything, but I bet if I went over to the Army guys over there, they'd be able to down at least two."

VanOort and Cleaver aren't even fazed.

"Yeah, but we're smarter," VanOort says. "And the Army guys probably have 40 pounds on us."


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