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with Alex Friedrich

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Yes, it's that good: John Rasmussen of Coon Rapids demonstrates his
stick-cleaning technique on what's left of a chocolate-covered nut

Day 3: Brunch

Maybe it was the weather, or the all-natural beef and chicken kabobs from last night, but I'm feeling a lot more energized today. The greasy feeling has abated.

Still, I couldn't get much hunger going till late morning. So brunch it is.

I wander through the Fair. Out of the corner of my eye, I see it:

Deep-fried candy bars.

I turn away.

No. I'm not ready. I can't handle the grease.

Instead, the chocolate-covered nut roll grabs my attention. It's like a Pearson's Salted Nut Roll, but covered in chocolate (for $1 more). It comes in peanut, cashew or pecan. I take cashew, the Jaguar of nuts.

Oh yeah. This is more like it. Perfect with coffee. A dense meal, but without the goop feeling.

"I just had a turtle, but these are so good," says 77-year-old Shirley Snyder McKercher of Hudson, as she gazes at the rows of nut rolls in the booth. "I've gotta get one."

She takes a pecan version without chocolate. She doesn't eat it, though. She squirrels it away, saying it will last her three days.



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