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with Alex Friedrich

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hip-Hop on a stick: The Puff Daddy

Day 11: Sistahs o' Sausage

Perhaps the sassiest booth at the Fair is Sausage Sister & Me, with dish names like Twisted Sister and Nacho Sistah.
"It's the Fair," a woman behind the booth told me. "If it's tacky, hey, it sells."
The Puff Daddy is great for sharing, and for breakfast as well. You get five or six slices of sausage wrapped in pastry, and it comes with Thai peanut sauce on it or on the side.
That's an odd combo, but it's pretty good. And hey -- it sells.


Anonymous Jenny Kerwin said...

I just, finally, watched Supersize Me. (The McDonalds for a month documentary.) I'm really curious to find out how your vitals read at the end of this extravaganza. Are you craving fried food? Are you feeling depressed until you get your first fat-on-a-stick for the day? And, frankly, I think the malt was a cheat. That's a food, sans stick, not a beverage.

11:44 AM  
Blogger Pioneer Press said...

Geeeeez, you sound like my boss.
Believe me, lady, I drink my malts through a straw. They are refreshing BEVERAGES.

The McDonald's experiment was similar in some ways. At times I got jittery or got cravings for food, but nothing like what he felt. I had more variety, and some of the food I ate -- like the kabob -- was a lot more healthful.

The biggest similarity is that on many mornings I had no energy until I ate. Then just a couple of hours later my butt would drag.

Also, he threw up. I got constipated.

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great pic!!!


8:51 PM  

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